AbundantLifeU provides life and career coaching and mentorship for Up and Coming Artists and Creatives in the Entertainment Industry.



AbundantLifeU provides life and career coaching and mentorship for Up and Coming Artists and Creatives in the Entertainment Industry. Based in Hollywood, we specialize in personal development and career workshops, soul care sessions and mental health programs, and coaching and mentoring for aspiring Actors, Producers, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Comedians, Dancers, Filmmakers and everything in between. We create pragmatic, easy-to-follow training programs and action plans that take creative-types from a place of dreaming to a place of achieving.

We know that the path to success in the Entertainment Industry can be extremely difficult and can often leave artists feeling confused, dejected and disoriented. At AbundantLifeU, we give artists the tools to succeed in both the Entertainment Industry and in life. Our “secret sauce“ is quality mentorship and teaching, combined with helping artists to create realistic goals and strategies that balance survival with their personal dreams and aspirations.

LeRoy Mobley


“The biggest thing that I got from AbundantLifeU course is getting FOCUSED, because I was scattered everywhere. I wasn’t going anywhere specific with my acting career, but now I’ve made connections with casting directors, producers and people all over the industry that can really help me move forward.” 

Michelle Barton

Actor and Producer

“Working with AbundantLifeU is really fun… The system that AbundantLifeU has created has been really supportive especially as a creative person. Kelvin really took me through a process…going through my SMART goals, making an action plan and getting them all on my calendar… It all sounds very simple but having someone to bounce back and forth with to get organized has been such a gift. I think what AbundantLifeU offers is very special.” 

Ariana Smith


“One the greatest blessings I received from taking the class has been applying the practices to my life…One thing that immediately happened is that I received a job soon after the class….Now I have a steady source of income and I know how to manage my finances…I can honestly say that without the teachings, I probably would have just continued to squander my money or not know where it was going.”


Singer and Songwriter

“My entire life is just jumbled up and I just don’t know where I’m going. Whether its dance or to go workout or whatever. I never really had a set strategy…it was really cool to see real people who have had the same experiences as me and who went through a step-by-step process. I hope that I can take this training and move it forward into my life as I go.”

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