Edwina Findley-Dickerson Turns to God as Her Career Compass

Being open to nudity is that detail that could give an actress an extra nudge on her quest to getting noticed. Some women take it, while others make sure it’s completely off the table. Edwina Findley-Dickerson, of OWN’s If Loving You Is Wrong, admitted that as a young actress, the offer to do a nude role came with a higher paycheck than her other opportunities.

“Having convictions means you don’t do everything,” she told MadameNoire. “Some people, especially in the entertainment industry, think you have to be available to everything to be successful. In some instances, the personal values you are afraid of sharing is a place where people admire you the most. For example, as a young actress, I had convictions about nudity. I was offered a role and it was more money than I’d been paid, but I just felt that my calling was not to do nudity. I had a lot of pressure coming from different directions, but I prayed about it. I always want to make sure God was with me in whatever I did. By saying no, it took longer for me to come back to the pay and roles that I wanted. I said yes to a longer process, but by being true to myself and waiting, God already had everything lined up for me when I arrived.”